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Not many were able to simply pass by through the cluster of students gathered outside the Center for Writing and Speaking on Monday, August 31st. The Opening Gala, an annual social gathering hosted by the Center in order to better inform the student body of the tremendous opportunities the Center holds for them, was to say the least an absolute hit. Almost 100 students attended.

The evening kicked off with an array of upbeat music trickling through the ground floor of McCain Library. Old reunions were acknowledged through hugs, and catching up in the cozy chairs near the fireplace were familiar sights. Board games illuminated the overall joyous atmosphere with cheers, laughter, and smiles.  First-years played with silly putty and magnetic poetry, while senior Scotties mingled around and ruled the gaming boards. Apples to Apples, Scrabble, and other card games were held at the tables in the Writing Center.

Almost thirty minutes into the Gala, the arrival of the cakes from Southern Sweets was announced, followed by a rush of sweet-toothed students into the Speaking Center. A line wrapped out into the lobby and across the hall, into the Writing Center.

After everyone had at least a bite of cake, a calming hush rolled over the room, and it was evident that it was time for prizes. Thus the raffling began. Many local Decatur businesses generously donated enticing prizes. First up was a pair of earrings from the local boutique Squash Blossom, followed by a $40 gift certificate to a local Asian fusion restaurant, Noodle. There were also multiple gift certificates to Raging Burrito and New Century Chinese Buffet, coasters from Taste, bangles from Collage, a scottie dog from That Pottery Place,  journals, and even crayons for the kids at heart. The Gala was definitely a success, with lots of smiles.

We'd like to say thank you to all the amazing Decatur businesses that donated prizes:


Raging Burrito

New Century Chinese Buffet

Caribbean Harry's

Java Monkey

Yogurt Tap


Blue Moon



Sqaush Blossom


That Pottery Place


Leah Crawford is a first-year student at Agnes Scott College and a student aide in the Writing Center. She's from Dahlonega, Georgia.