So, it’s that time of the year again. The smell of summer is in the air, yet those six papers hover ominously between now and the glory days of May. The complex writing process makes it unwise and difficult to knock out a paper in a single afternoon, as it requires more thought and care than cramming for a final. The dorm room or apartment is not always the best place to get the creative process flowing. Many students choose to make themselves at home in a coffee shop, using the easy accessibility of caffeine and the change in environment to stimulate brainstorming, writing, and final revisions. Luckily for Agnes Scott students, coffee shops are not hard to find in Decatur, many are within easy walking distance of the campus. Here are some pros and cons of a select few, from an admitted coffee shop addict:

Java Monkey

 Location: Across from the MARTA station in downtown Decatur

 Pros: Java Monkey is very well known and popular in the Agnes Scott and Decatur communities. Its hip atmosphere and delicious food/wine bar make this a good choice for writing a paper. Its close proximity to the school and late hours are also a bonus. Added pro: right next door to the Yogurt Tap!

Cons: The WiFi is kind of spotty. The lighting is also rather dim at night. If you’re someone who likes working in a quiet atmosphere, Java Monkey is not necessarily the best place for you, especially at night.

Dancing Goats

Location: Down Ponce De Leon Avenue, next to Taqueria Del Sol.

Pros: Dancing Goats is a large, airy coffee shop. At the front of the store, there are comfy leather chairs, but if you need more space there are plenty of larger tables at the back. The WiFi is excellent if you need the Internet for research or YouTube/Facebook distractions.

Cons: Its hours are pretty limited and it closes at 7 PM most nights, just when most Agnes students are getting started on their work. 

Café Cliche

Location: Down Ponce De Leon Avenue, just past Café Lily.

 Pros: Café Cliché has great food, ice cream, and sherbet in addition to coffee. It’s vegan friendly. It has great WiFi. It’s also not as well known, so it’s lower key than some of the other coffee shops in Decatur

Cons: It’s small inside, so seating is not always available. 

 ChocoLatte Café 

 Location: North Decatur Road, next to Rainbow Natural Foods

Pros: ChocoLatte Café has great WiFi and super comfy seating. It’s a little further away, so if you really want to escape the Agnes Scott/Decatur setting this is a good option. Lots of Emory students frequent this coffee shop. 

 Cons: It’s probably best to have a car to get to ChocoLatte Café.
Racheal Jenkins is a senior English Literature major and a tutor in the Writing Center